Excellence in Hospital Patient Care

​Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Lane made me feel at ease and showed me that he cares. He is a wonderful doctor. I would recommend him to all of my friends/family."


Dr. Gates was very helpful and showed a definite interest in his patients. I looked forward to his morning visits as he was very friendly. He always had a positive outlook an genuinely helpful in any way possible. Dr. Gates is a very good asset for North Kansas City Hospital.

"Being that I wasn't aware and fully awake the first month I was here, I am so grateful that the staff took care of me and hung in there. . . Dr. So and Dr. Parker were so helpful. Dr. So would sit down and have a conversation with me, I really enjoyed him. . ."

* S

"Thank you for the excellent care you gave my mother in the hospital. I appreciate your concern and kindness. . ."


"To all of the docs of Gates Hospitalists: Thank you all so much for the care given to [our mother] over the past couple of years. We greatly appreciate all that was done for her. . ."


"Dr. Kapur and the nurses were very knowledgeable. Explained everything so I could understand. Thank you all for kindness and taking good care of me."


"Dr. Gates is a wonderful advocate for his patients. He sincerely cares that his patients receive the proper care & service they need & he goes above & beyod to obtain / provide the best he can for them. Dr. Gates balances the complexities of health care in a very fair, realistic & caring manner."

* KT

"Dr. Pankratov, I wanted to thank you for the care you extended to me last week during my stay in NKC Hospital. I sincerely appreicated your demeanor. You present yourself as knowledgeable but also relatable and kind. I know you must have a demanding patient load but you did not seem rushed or impatient while I tried to explain somewhat ambiguous symptoms. . ."