• ​Age less than 18 years old 
    • Please call Children's Mercy 816-234-3000; or Call a Pediatrician
  • Pregnant Women
    • Please call an OB-GYN
  • Acute MI
    • ​Please go to the ER
  • Unstable Angina
    • Please go to the ER
  • Acute Stroke
    • Please go to the ER
  • Respiratory Failure
    • Please go to the ER​
  • Sepsis/ Hemodynamically Unstable
    • Please go to the ER
  • Unstable Patients
    • Please go to the ER

​Direct Admissions

Direct Admissions Exclusion Criteria

Why Do a Direct Admission?

Direct Admissions

(Physicians Only)

Liberty Hospital Transfers

​Daytime 7am-7pm

NKC Hospital Transfers

Daytime 7am-7pm

Admitting your patients directly will increase your patients' satisfaction by saving them both time and money.  It will also facilitate a better transition of care for your patient between you and your Hospitalist. It will also decrease your ACO's hospital costs by avoiding ER Physician costs.

NKC Hospital Transfers & Liberty Hospital Transfers

Nighttime 7pm-7am

Excellence in Hospital Patient Care