Excellence in Hospital Patient Care

NKC Hospital Transfers

Daytime 7am-7pm

  • ​Age less than 18 years old 
    • Please call Children's Mercy 816-234-3000; or Call a Pediatrician
  • Pregnant Women
    • Please call an OB-GYN
  • Acute MI
    • ​Please go to the ER
  • Unstable Angina
    • Please go to the ER
  • Acute Stroke
    • Please go to the ER
  • Respiratory Failure
    • Please go to the ER​
  • Sepsis/ Hemodynamically Unstable
    • Please go to the ER
  • Unstable Patients
    • Please go to the ER

​Direct Admissions

Admitting your patients directly will increase your patients' satisfaction by saving them both time and money.  It will also facilitate a better transition of care for your patient between you and your Hospitalist. It will also decrease your ACO's hospital costs by avoiding ER Physician costs.

Direct Admissions Exclusion Criteria

Why Do a Direct Admission?

NKC Hospital Transfers & Liberty Hospital Transfers

Nighttime 7pm-7am

Direct Admissions

(Physicians Only)

Liberty Hospital Transfers

​Daytime 7am-7pm